Wedding Trends For 2018

Can you believe we are already in March 2018? This year is flying too fast. The past few months since December have been quiet for me. Given the birth of my daughter last year and the complications that came with it, while still staying afloat during a busy wedding season, once December hit I was burned out and needed a break. So I used the past couple months to collect and regroup. As I sip my sweet cup of coffee therapy and enter into beast mode again, I figured it would be nice to explore some of the new trends we are expected to see this year.

Wendy Dessler does Blogger Outreach for Honeyfund and is savvy with the latest wedding trends. She has contributed as a Guest Blogger for me, and I hope this gives you some inspiration in your wedding planning journey. - XO, Ashley

Around the globe gowns are being ordered and arrangements made for weddings in 2018. The 2017 shocker was the sheer lace “barely there” gown. We can expect to see this on designers' websites for a while longer, but 2018 is shaping up to be a bit different. Chic and understated elegance best describe the styles of the year.

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Beautiful and Classic Black

The bold bride of 2018 will reverse the rules of elegance. You will see more brides choosing the color black as opposed to white for a wedding dress. Brides will carry white roses with her black dress, while her bridesmaids are dressed in cream, ivory, blush pink, or silver tones.

Arm Warmers and Split Sleeves

Arm warmers and split sleeves are on all the designer walkways this year. While sometimes the sleeve is attached to the dress (high under the arm) most gowns with this look are detached completely. The sleeves are sheer or laced and split at the elbow.

Brides have a wide selection of the sleeves that either hugs the arm or one that drapes the arm opening at the elbow. These dramatic sleeve styles challenge our imagination. The detail work is either very elaborate or very simple. There is no middle ground.


High-low hemlines are hot this year. From now through to the end of the season you will see hems shorter in the front to show off the lovely legs and shoes, and sweeping in the back to give the gowns a mock train of sorts.

This look is perfect for both the tall and petite bride. Because of where the hemline falls in front combined with the size of the high-heel shoe, this style will accent any body type flawlessly. Some brides are going very dramatic with the shark-bite hem. This looks great for beach weddings and for the carefree bride that would rather walk down the aisle barefoot than in 4-inch heels.

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Short Dresses

This is also the year for the mini-dress. Brides and bridesmaids are getting ready to show some legs. Toward the end of 2017 we saw hemlines rise. One reason for this is the destination wedding craze. More couples are traveling with their bridal parties on destination weddings. Short dresses are easier to carry on the plane (and you do not want to check the bag that carries your gown.) Tropical islands are the hottest destination this year. Even remote and exotic locations are leaning toward sun-lovers paradise. Whether you are going to a tropical island or a rainforest, the short dress is the way to go.


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Blush for Brides, not Babies

Blush tones are the order of the day. Stay away from baby pastels. Instead of baby pink and baby blue, go with blush, dusty rose, smoke gray, or light coral. The less color, the better. You want a hint of the hue that does not overpower the drama of the wedding gown. This is especially important if you are wearing a black bridal dress.

Necklines and sleeves

Last year the mock neckline was the big thing trending, and it still is for some brides, but others are dropping the necklines to a gentle scoop or v-neck. This year, as noted above, the bride is paying more attention to her sleeves and less about the neckline while her bridesmaids go with either a one-shoulder dress or a dress with tiny straps. Strapless dresses, however, will not be showing up until late summer.

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