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Wedding Traditions Explained: Japanese San San Kudo

I recently had the pleasure of working a Japanese inspired wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and one of the rituals performed during the ceremony was the Japanese San San Kudo. The significance of the San San Kudo is beautiful. In this ritual each person takes 3 sips of sake each from 3 separate cups. The first 3 sips represent the bride and groom along with both of their parents. The second 3 sips represent the human flaws: hatred, passion, and ignorance. "Ku" in Japanese is the number 9 which is considered lucky, and "Do" is a deliverance from the 3 flaws. The ceremony for this particular wedding was Christian based, but I love how the couple incorporated this San San Kudo ritual into it. What a great way to honor two different cultures and bring them together. To see more gallery pictures from this wedding go to

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