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Wedding Flower Bouquet Alternatives

When you think of the traditional components that make up a wedding, flowers are one thing that often comes to mind. Flowers accent a wedding and capture the senses with their aromatic beauty. They create an enchanting atmosphere, transforming an ordinary setting into one right out of fairytale. Yet, flowers can also be pricey, and often go to waste after the wedding is over. So, why not try something a little unconventional in place of your flower bouquet?

Here are some of my favorite wedding flower bouquet alternatives that are equally elegant and captivating at the same time.

1. The feather bouquet

Feathers come in all different sizes and colors, so it is easy to match your wedding colors with the bouquet. I especially love peacock feathers in a bouquet as the multicolors within are so captivating and create a nice accent to any attire. Darla Weinz of Darla's Blooms has some nice feather bouquets here.

2. The fan

Fans are very colorful, flirty, and fun. They can especially come in handy with a hot summer wedding. Check out Shawna & Dan Chriestenson's collection here, or Cali Accessories here for some stylish wedding fans.

3. The brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquets are an opulent accent to your attire, and look great paired with matching jewelry. Daria from Wedding Memory has a beautiful jaw dropping collection here.

4. The fur muff

Fur muffs are perfect for a winter wedding. When paired with a fur shawl along with your white dress, it is the essence of a winter wonderland.

Alex Bridal carries a wide variety of fur muffs and shawls here.

5. The parasol

Parasols are also great for an outdoor summer wedding and a fun accessory. Karen Rebecca with ChoCo B has a nice collection here.

Happy Planning!



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