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Wedding Fashion Trends - Shoes

I have the worst luck with shoe shopping. My feet are flat and narrow, so as a result it is hard to find shoes that are comfortable and fit well, especially for fancy occasions.

When I was shoe shopping for my own wedding five years ago, I ended up settling on a pair of white ballroom dance shoes instead of traditional wedding shoes.

I used to be big into ballroom dancing, and once when I was teaching at Arthur Murray Dance Studio a student came in with the shoes she was going to be wearing for her wedding. They happened to be ballroom dance shoes, and I remember thinking how brilliant she was.

Ballroom dance shoes are designed to be worn for long periods of time moving on your feet.

Considering you are on your feet all day for your wedding, you want to be comfortable and not end up with blisters by the end of the night. So when it came to shoe shopping for my own wedding, after trying on dozens of wedding shoes that did not work with my stick feet, I turned to ballroom dance shoes and am grateful I did.

The only caveat is that most ballroom dance shoes are sueded on the bottom to allow for easy gliding on the dance floor. However, you can have the shoes resoled with a hard sole, which is what I did. I bought my shoes from Elegance Shoe Company, and they have a giant inventory of ballroom dance shoes that can easily be used in place of traditional wedding shoes. You can check them out here

Happy planning!



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