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Why Wedding Day Signage Matters

Wedding day signage is one of the most overlooked details when planning a wedding. There are many factors to consider with wedding planning from choosing the right venue and vendors to the types of flowers, cake, music, and more. Comparatively wedding day signage is a smaller detail so naturally it tends to take a backseat. However, wedding day signage should be factored in earlier at the same time you choose your invitation so that you can match everything well together.

Having the signage match the invitation right down to the exact font and color makes a wedding feel complete and carries out the tone set forth by the invitation. When guests receive a wedding invitation it is a little peek into the wedding and what they can expect on the day. Is it going to be flowery, rustic, whimsical, formal, etc? Upon arriving at the wedding on the day of, imagine as a guest you park and start walking from your car but are not sure where to go. Then you see a sign in the distance. Before you get close enough to read it, you see that the sign matches the invitation in your hand, and thus you are assured you are going the right way.

Now imagine as a guest, you start walking from your car and instead of a matching sign, the sign you see does not match. As you get closer you can eventually make out what the sign says, but it is a disjointed feeling at first. The invitation conveys one motif, and the wedding sign conveys another.

When the signage and invitation are cohesive it creates a subtle harmonic feel, which is why the signage should be taken into consideration when you choose your invitation. Does the place you are purchasing your invitations from offer matching wedding day signage or will you need to look elsewhere for the signage? Are you choosing an invitation that has an eccentric design, or is it a simple one that is easy to match the signage to if you have to purchase your signage elsewhere?

Here is a list of some of the signage to consider for your wedding:

- Welcome Sign

- Place Cards and Escort Cards

- Table Numbers

- Seating Chart

- Sign-in Table Sign

- Programs

- Bathroom Sign

- Dessert Table Sign

- Gift Table Sign

- Bar Sign

- Buffet Table Sign

At Ashley Gelfound Events, we offer custom designed stationery and signage, and would love to design something special that speaks to your vision. We are great at matching fonts and colors too so if you purchase your invitation elsewhere, we can design signage that is guaranteed to match.

Happy Planning!

XO, Ashley


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