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5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Wedding for Less

Congratulations! You're getting married!

You likely have a vision of your dream wedding. But, weddings are expensive and inflation isn't helping to make them more affordable.

As an Wedding Planner and Coordinator, here are 5 of my best tips for creating your dream wedding for less:

1. Decrease your guest list.

In California, the average cost per wedding guest is $150. This estimate is based on invitations, food, drinks, party favors, plus table and chair rentals (if needed). As hard as it may be, downsizing your guest list will make it significantly easier for you to create your dream wedding.

2. Skip a traditional wedding caterer.

Want to know a secret? Some of the best weddings I've done the couple brought in a taco truck or served barbecue…and their guests LOVED it! Unless you have your heart set on having filet mignon with an assortment of hors d'oeuvres, non-traditional food vendors can easily cut your food costs in HALF.

3. Be creative when serving alcohol.

Rather than going with a full open bar, consider serving just beer and wine. If you do want to serve liquor, consider having a signature cocktail or two. A simplified alcohol assortment is a win-win for keeping your guests AND your wallet happy.

4. Stick with in-season flowers

Before you meet with a florist, have your Pinterest boards ready! Florists can recreate your favorite designs using in-season flowers. As an added bonus, in-season flowers are easier to acquire and more appealing to the senses.

5. Rethink your wedding stationery

Picking elaborate wedding invitations (think ribbons, sleeves, inner envelopes, etc.) means more money spent on postage. Opt for elegant, minimalist custom-designed invitations instead. Make life easier for yourself and your guests by having everything in one place on your wedding website: guest RSVPs, registry links, and wedding related travel and lodging info.

Let me help YOU maximize your wedding budget even more! At Ashley Gelfound Events, we pride ourselves in helping couples plan their perfect wedding and savor every moment of their special day. Book a FREE 1-hour consultation where we can bring your dream wedding to life based on your unique budget.


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