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How to Handle Family Tension While Planning Your Wedding

A wedding would not be a wedding without a little family tension. Big affairs that bring multiple personalities together in one room have a tendency to yield some amount of friction. It is especially common, albeit stressful, to experience amongst family members when planning a wedding.

Once the wedding is over, the tension will more than likely settle. However, when you are busy planning your wedding and trying to manage the tension on the side, it can easily become overwhelming. So, here are a few coping techniques you can try to help you get through it.

1) Breathe

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Observe your feelings and where you are at in the present. On an exhale let it all go. Do this a few times in a row and you will instantly feel a sense of calm.

2) Excercise

Nothing lets the stress out more than sweating it out at the gym or taking a nice yoga class. Even going for a walk and getting some fresh air can balance you out.

3) Keep the persnickety ones at a distance

Some people like to heavily weigh their opinion over trivial matters on how they think the wedding day should be run. Keep those people at a distance when planning your wedding. You do not need them interfering with your vision, or causing you to rethink your decisions adding more stress to your already full plate.

4) Surround yourself with positive people

Keep the positive, upbeat, and supportive people close by. Doing so will help you remain grounded when tension strikes.

5) Take it with a grain of salt

Take any cynical comments made by friends or loved ones with a grain of salt. Weddings have a tendency to stir up all kinds of emotions, and sometimes it brings out the cynic side when there is tension. Tune it out as best as possible.

Above all, remember this is your wedding and a happy occasion. Try not to let any tension influence you from enjoying this momentous time in your life.

Happy planning!



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